What is Wi-Fi Extender and how it works?

Wi-Fi extender is used to amplify the range of wireless signals such as Netgear C7800   which are generated by the wireless router or access point (AP). Wi-Fi extender is such gadget which is connected with the wireless routers to provide internet access in every corner of your home or offices wherever the wireless signals are very weak.  The weak Wi-Fi signals are the main problem when the wireless router is out of range in some areas of your offices or homes.  There are many objects like walls and furniture which may hinder the wireless signals to different areas of offices or homes from the wireless routers. Wi-Fi extender is very helpful in resolving this issue of weak wireless signals by capturing the strong wireless signals from your access point (AP) which are transmitted from the wireless gadget.

Devices Required To Use Your Wi-Fi Signal Extension

For the installment of any kind of Wi-Fi extender, firstly, it is very necessary to have some internet connection from some internet service provider which would provide you some wireless gadget or Access Point.  The Access Point is inter-connected to some wired network or built-in the router. In order to get access to the online world, you need to have some wireless device with the configuration of your device settings. There is also a need of creating an online account to configure all settings of Wi-Fi routers.

There is a diversity of wireless routers, offered by different internet service providers. Some of the top wireless routers are available in the marketplace with the exclusive features of Ethernet ports, effortless use, limitless security and support.

What are the main functions of Wi-Fi Extender?

If you are in search of first-rate Wi-Fi extender, you should have knowledge about the main functions of these wireless gadgets. This will be very helpful in choosing some good Wi-Fi Extender with all possible features when you are going to purchase such internet devices. Wi-Fi Extender helps to connect to your wireless routers or access point in order to boost up the wireless signals with all strengths.


Best Selling Wifi Range Extenders on Amazon

If you want to be online on your smartphone without bearing any cost of your data plan, you may have to turn on your wireless router along with Wi-Fi extender which helps to transmit signals out of routers so instantly. Wi-Fi extender is the supporting device which captures the signals and conveys to your smartphone or laptop effortlessly. The smartphone sends out some information to your Wi-Fi extender which is transmitted to your Wi-Fi gadgets.  These Wi-Fi gadgets accept the information which is forwarded to the internet servers.

In this way, all process is going on. The fast speed of internet depends upon the quality, standard and type of Wi-Fi router and extender. The very common standard, operated by these gadgets is 802.11n (Wireless N), which can be supportive to a network bandwidth ranges up to 300 megabits per seconds (Mbps).  This is high quality and standard which provides the exclusive range and speed of internet, resisting the interference in transmission of signals.

Wireless N is not only the device; there are so many other devices of multiple devices which are designed according to wireless standards. There are many other Wi-Fi boosters which provide support to the latest generation of the standard, 802.11ac.  This standard of Wi-Fi booster supports the wireless routers ranging from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz bands. It provides bandwidth ranging from 450 to 1300 Mbs respectively. Both these standards of 802.11n and 802.11ac are vulnerable to some interference which can reduce the bandwidth range.  Such standards are not so functional when your speed of internet is limited by your internet service provider.

The different brands of Wi-Fi gadgets offers warranties and some good customer support to attract the customers so that they may purchase and install their devices immediately. You may get support via phone, email and online form filling services of the company whenever you need some help or find fault in the Wi-Fi products.

Top quality Wi-Fi extender, How we tested and how we found at the marketplace!

Are you interested to buy Wi-Fi extenders? Before purchasing the gadget, you should testify the following features of Wi-Fi extenders which may include the range increase, number of Ethernet ports and antennas, speculative data rates and warranty plans, offered by different manufacturers of Wi-Fi products.

Range Increase

The range of a Wi-Fi extender is very significant to determine the distance coverage of wireless signals by your device. When the range of your Wi-Fi router is less than the distance, covered by your whole area of home or office, then you need to install some Wi-Fi extender to increase the range of signals access at your own ease.

MBPS & Bands

Are you going to choose the best Wi-Fi extender, the measurement of theoretical data in Mbps and measurement of bandwidth in gigahertz (GHz) are very significant to enhance internet speed as well as access of Wi-Fi signals with full strengths.It all depends upon the best quality products of the reputed brands which offer guarantee of high speed of internet and bandwidths without any interference.


The antennas are the significant parts of Wi-Fi extenders to capture and transmit the signals, produced by the wireless router or the access point (AP). Every Wi-Fi extender has two antennas, one is used to capture signals and other is used to transmit. In this way, antennas play vital role to enhance its range of broadcasting the signals out of Wi-Fi router.

Number of Ethernet Ports

Every brand of Wi-Fi extenders provide different number of Ethernet ports to extend the range of your Wi-Fi signals out of normal coverage. It is better option to get connection with non-Wi-Fi devices at your place.


The different brands of Wi-Fi extenders offer warranty to ensure the security of faulty devices. So always value the warranty offers of the manufacturers in order to escape any kind of loss of money if your device is not working fine.

By taking into the following features of Wi-Fi extender, you may choose the best quality of the device for you and enjoy high speed internet at every corner of your home or office!