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Paving Contractors Calgary

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Hiring a Paving Contractor

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing the right paving contractor Calgary. The price affects the outcome especially if you have a project. Choosing based on finding the lowest price is sometimes risky as there is not always the kind of choice that guarantees quality satisfaction. To help you to make a good decision as you choose a paving contractor, here are some tips.


  1. Insurance coverage- just like any other automotive insurance, there are many contractors to choose from that offer a minimum range of insurance that is stated by the law. This is for whenever there are any types of accidents on your premises. It is important that you are protected. Make sure that the contractor has insures for at least the following, such as work compensation, general and auto liability, and an umbrella policy. In terms of policy per coverage it is good to have one that is about half a million minimum, but it is still better if it would covers over a million.


  1. Selecting material- most of the paving materials, also known as asphalt, is recycled. This comes in different grades and the percentages of the materials to be used. If you want low class quality, it should be expected that it is not long lasting, and will surely affect the finial look of the pavement. Requesting that your paving contractor Calgary provide materials of a higher grade with less recycled material is a must and a better choice overall.


  1. The types of equipment used- if you want to know what your contractor is using, it is important that you actually inquire about the equipment they are going to use. It is also essential for a project to have good machines. Avoid contractors that suggest the use of manual labour rather than the use of machines for working with asphalt. Keep in mind that good asphalt dries quickly, and the more advanced the technology used, the more likely it is to yield good quality results.


  1. Sufficient workers- in terms of productivity of work, contractors basically consists of 5 to 8 employees for working on a pavement, but this can also further depend on the size of the job. An understaffed company is not a good choice especially if you want things done right away. This can greatly affect the work if the company cannot meet the needs of a pavement project. That is why looking for a paving contractor Calgary is one factor that you will need to understand so that work will not be delayed.


  1. Budget- not unless your asphalt project is worth thousands of dollars. A down payment is not necessary, and you do not have to pay more than the down payment that you have paid already to your paving contractor. If you are looking for high quality paving materials, it would be best to choose a reputable company that has connections with asphalt suppliers.


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An asphalt project is an investment to make the pavement better and safe to walk on. Having to walk on a pavement that is well done by pavement contractors is something to be proud of that the company can share in their portfolios.