Calgary Boilers for Radiant Heating

5 Common Brands in Boilers for Radiant Heating

The radiant heating  Calgary boiler brands are known for the innovative products for energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, consistent heating, and durability. The manufacturing standards conform to the ASTM F2702 guidelines.

The selection of the fuel, heat transfer volume, utilization of the flue gas for pre-heating, and the reduction of heat loss determine the quality and efficiency of the radiant heating boiler. In this review, you can read about the technical and functional features of the five common boiler brands in the market today.

1.     Buderus Natural Gas Boiler System

The Buderus natural gas condensing boiler is powered by a pre-mix burner and an aluminum heat exchanger. The various models of the boiler can generate the output from 305MBH to 944MBH. The boiler works at a thermal efficiency of 93%.


The design of the Buderus natural gas condensing boiler consists of a pre-mix gas burner, combustion air fan, aluminum heat exchanger, clean out apertures, and a neutralizing system that is located under the boiler jacket.

The burner has an efficient design for controlling the gas input and the gross IBR output. The system can control the gas pressure between the minimum and maximum values at optimum levels.  The heat transfer from the burner to the exchanger happens at an even rate with near zero loss.

The condensing system is designed to work at an optimum positive pressure for sealed combustion which heats the inflowing water.


The aluminum heat exchanger has the optimum insulation for reducing the heat loss to the minimum levels. It works at maximum efficiency, regardless of the flow rate of the water input through the input pipe within an optimum range.

The temperature of the water is maintained within the optimum level for carrying the heating load to the farthest rooms in the radiant heating network. The system can maintain the indoor temperature within the ambient range for many hours, depending on the efficiency of the insulation and the design of the radiant panels beneath the floor.

2.   ICB Boiler

The ICB boiler uses the stainless steel burner and an AL_SI heat exchanger to work at an efficiency of 95% thermal efficiency. The primary sensor installed on the system can control the fuel gas pressure, flow rate, and the water temperature within the optimum levels.


The design of the ICB boiler  consists of the HEATRONIC boiler controller, condense trap, burner and exchanger, circulating pump, and the supply and return system. The limit stat device is designed to trap the flue gas before it reaches the vent. The system extracts the maximum heat from the gas and releases the waste gas into the vent.

The DHW temperature setting and the boiler controller are designed to control the heat content of the water within the optimum value. It is sufficient to carry the heat load to a maximum distance through the insulated pipes into the rooms.


The Bosch Greenstar Hydronic boiler delivers the optimum heat at varying climatic conditions. The system works efficiently with the radiant panel, base-boards and the other forms of radiant heating systems.

Automated controls like the temperature sensors can switch the boiler between the active and stand-by modes, depending on the temperature of the returning water. They are highly useful for saving on the fuel consumption by the burner. If the temperature of the return water is above the specified value, the boiler goes into extended standby mode, so the heating remains within the ambient range.

3.     Carrier Radiant Boiler System

The Carrier radiant boiler system works on the combination of a cast aluminum heat exchanger and stainless steel burner. It can generate the heat output of 45,000 to 90,000 BTU per hour.


The design of the integrated boiler control consists of the hot surface ignition that is connected directly to the burner. The flow of heat from the burner to the exchanger happens with near to zero loss. The consumption of the propane gas for burning happens at an efficiency of more than 95%. According to the OEM, it is one form of conserving energy and transformation into maximum heat.

The pressure valve, temperature sensor, single stage gas valve, sealed combustion chamber, and the hot water output are designed to generate the most optimum heating.


The Carrier radiant boiler system has an overall efficiency of 90% AFUE. All the models of the Carrier brand are stated to be qualified for energy star rating by the manufacturer. The system delivers the ambient heat to the radiant panels, baseboards, and the other models of radiant heaters through the insulated pipes.

4.     Weil Mclein radiant Boiler

The Weil Mclein radiant Boiler comes in many models that are wall mounted and floor mounted types. They work on gas or oil with cast iron exchanger. The heating range varies between 98 and 357 MBH, depending on the model and the size of the boiler. The system works at overall efficiency of 92%.


The Weil Mclein radiant Boiler design comprises of the secondary heat exchanger which increases the heating efficiency and volume. The heat transfer rate will be the most optimum, depending on the flow rate of the water and the inlet water pressure.


The Weil Mclein radiant Boiler delivers the maximum heat from the burner into the boiler and transfers the same into the flowing water. The rate of transfer makes it possible to carry the entire heat load from the boiler into the rooms at the farthest locations in your home.

5.     Crown Radiant Gas Boiler

The Crown radiant gas boiler works on the stainless steel burner, combination gas valve, vacuum switch and the exchanger. The average efficiency of the boiler is stated to be 92% by the manufacturer.


The Crown radiant gas boiler design consists of the redundant combustion valves, integrated boiler controller, pre-wired and crated body, and the gas control system. The heat-transfer between the burner to the exchanger and then to the water happens evenly and optimally. The sensors on board can control the temperature depending on the flow rate and pressure.


The Crown radiant gas boiler delivers the most optimum performance through optimum heat transfer from the system to the water. The heat load carried by the water onto the radiant panels, baseboards, and the other types of radiant heating systems can preserve the room temperature for extended hours.

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