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When is the Best Time for Bedding Landscaping

calgary bedding

The best time to prepare a bed landscape in your home garden is when the soil is soft enough to dig and move. So, it is better that you follow the rainfall season and wait till it nearly ends. The other season is spring or fall. The soil will be soft, moist, and temperature will be modest.

In North America, the monsoon seasons create a positive relationship between the soil conditions and its fertility. The precipitation of moisture into the soil makes it much easier to create the  Calgary Landscape Beds and start planting the saplings in your garden.

Reasons to Choose January – Soft and Rich Soil

If you observe the soil during January, it will have the softest and wettest characteristics. It will be much easier to use handheld tools like the shovel, rakes, grass-trimmers, shears, aerators, and others. Of course, you may also need tools like the mower, leaf-blower, etc.

January is the month in which the winter will be active, though the soil is covered with plenty of snow. All you need is a snow removal equipment to clear the entire bed landscaping area and keep it ready for landscaping.

Before you start using the shovel for marking the area for landscaping, it is important to draw lines around it. Then you can start using the shovel to dig around the markings. As you can see, it will be easier to dig in deeper and turn out the fertile soil from the layers that lay beneath the top soil.

Spring Landscaping Benefits – Alive and Stress Free Plants

Plants are alive and active to the best during spring. The ultimate secret of mulching the garden and improving the drainage conditions will be during spring. The organic conditions of the soil will also be in the healthiest levels during the season. So, you don’t have to use too much of fertilizers to keep the plants healthy.

Spring is also the season when you can obtain a lot of natural organic materials like the decomposed garden compost and animal manure. They can increase the soil fertility, because the soil absorbs them easily.

Digging and mulching of the garden is fastest during spring. You can get to work with the lawnmowers and other handheld electrical equipment to cover large areas of your garden with much ease.

Raised Bed in Your Garden – Area Elevation Benefits

If your garden has low-laying areas, you will naturally want to raise the landscape to a height of 8” to 12” above its existing level. For this, you want to get the soil from another part of the garden which has plenty of soil.

Raising the landscape bed can become more colorful when you choose a garden hose and lawnmower to dig and transport the soil and grass into the low-laying areas. Mark the low-lying area with the help of a spray paint and keep it ready.

Remove all the grass with the mower and mulch it fully. You will need it to make natural manure later. Now, choose one or multiple sections of the garden from where you can dig and fill the low area with soil. But you have to ensure you don’t dig too much in there to create a whole.

Fill the low areas to a height of 8” to 12” depending on how deep it is. Now, the area is elevated to a height greater than the surrounding.

Brick Edging of Your Garden – Best Weather Resistance

Some of the experts prefer March and April for making the bedding landscape. It is the time when the average temperature will be between lows to the 21-degree-F. It may not be too easy for you to work, but the soils will be warm and fertile.

Anyway, let’s look at how to make a brick edging for your garden to make it even with the lawn and the soil coverage is firm and strong. First of all, you have to dig a trench around the landscape that is at least 3” to 4” in depth and width.

Don’t waste the dugout soil since you can use it for mulching the garden at a later stage. So, it is better to preserve it along with the grass and other organic materials. Make sure you have a cool and moist place where they can decompose faster.

Now, it is time to fill the trench with some mortar and sand. You may also mix crushed stones to keep the base strong. Use a steel-tamper to pack the pouring and keep it flat. Then you can start arranging the bricks to build a wall that is at least 5” to 8” above the ground.

The next step is to fill the bedding landscape with soil and organic matter and raise is level to the height of bricks. Flatten the whole area with the steel-tamper and pour enough water to keep it moist for the next three to four days.

Time to Start Planting the Garden – Make it Green and Great

Now, you can start planting all the saplings on the bedding landscape you have created. Make sure there is enough space for the grass and walkways through the garden. The number of saplings, grass space, and other bedding spaces will depend on the total landscaping area that you have prepared.

Oh! There is one more thing you have to prepare before planting the sapling. It is very important to layout the water supply channels to reach every sapling. You can use pipes with automatic sprinklers. It is the best way to avoid stress and make your garden greener.


You may choose any of the seasons that I have listed above and start the process of bedding the landscape of your garden. Make sure the soil is wet and soft enough to dig and shape with the handheld tools. You should also take steps for enriching the soil fertility conditions. Only then you can create a wonderful garden of your dreams around your home.


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