About Us

Hi, Thanks for visiting us!

A little about us; we are based out of Calgary, Alberta and our purpose is simply to bring Calgarians together.

We do this by hosting various meetup groups several times a week.  We bring people together from diverse background to find a little common ground and hopefully make some connections.

We firmly believe in the importance of networking and not just for business, our meetups are a great place to make connections with people who have common interests.  We have been successfully organizing business meetups for a few years, we have presenters and guest speakers and an open discussion, to talk about the challenges and triumphs of doing business in our community.

In the past couple of months at the request of some of our attendees we have started hosting social meetups as well.  We host groups that meet to discuss gaming, health and our very own group of foodies.

If you are interested in attending one of our groups or talk about putting one together then please get in touch with us.