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Information technology systems have played an important role in bringing together the nations for business purpose resulting in globalization. Globalization has resulted in people getting connected not only domestically but internationally. People are now able to exchange free services and goods across the globe. Information technology has helped the countries to increase the cultural exchange and international trades with other countries. The import and export have become a lot easier, and businesses are further blooming as the market is not only set domestically but internationally also. Development of information technology such as Managed IT services Calgary has allowed the government as well as the individuals to welcome the foreign investors into the economy. IT has allowed the users to be the part of the global media networks which keeps them posted on all the happenings around the world. The internet, in addition, has made the communication between two vendors very easy and convenient which has improved the transportation facilities of goods. Lest face it everyone has a computer or technology like a a WiFi router , lots of companies need help setting them up or getting things like best wifi extender 

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The most important factor which has played a huge role in globalization is the communication. Communication is essential in every aspect of life, and when it comes to trading and globalization, communication is the key to success. Information technology has played an important role in the advancement of communication technology. Past years have seen postcards and telegrams. It took weeks to receive mail, and if it was for overseas, mails and telegrams took months to arrive. This put the whole trading process on the slower side, and the productivity and efficiency were on the low side. But with the internet, people are now able to connect with each other instantly. Emails and instant chat applications allow the user to communicate with others with a single click. Video calling has added to the benefit of international trading. Better communication results in tightening the bond with the others and helps in gaining trust. Globalization has resulted in the development of many nations and information technology systems played a big role in it.


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Communication is not the only factor that resulted in globalization, IT systems have helped in improving the transportation technology which is another major factor for globalization. Exporting and importing goods requires transportation facilities and the transportation industry has taken a big leap with the advancement in the information technology industry. In the past years, steam and combustion engines were used to pull the trains and ships, but with the advancement in technology, transportation industry became more prominent by covering the road, rail, sea and sky routes. Now, it just takes few days for the imported good to arrive. Cargo planes can travel nation to nation delivering goods, while in the past years, traveling seemed to be time-consuming as it took weeks to travel from one place to another. But with the advancement in flight technologies, one can travel to other countries within a day. Transportation has played a huge role in connecting people worldwide, resulting in globalization. Now, bigger and efficient cargo carriers are made which can transport larger quantities of goods saving money and time.