When you’ve decided it’s finally the right time to settle down – whether it’s with a significant other to eventually start a family or just to have a little taste of independence – several worthy options can be considered when looking for the best place to build or buy a home in Calgary, Alberta.
Because the city of Calgary is divided into four quadrants, each with its own sceneries and characteristics, there is a choice for nearly everyone. It all boils down to what kind of community you want to live in.
To help you get started on choosing your ideal community, you must first know all about every choice you have. Here is a list of the best communities in the city of Calgary.
1. Arbour Lake
If you are someone who enjoys the water, then Arbour Lake is the one for you. It is one of the very few communities in Calgary that is surrounded by a body of water. The community lies at the center of a manmade lake and overlooks the sublime view of the lake’s coastline. It is in the northwest quadrant and was founded in 1992. This community is also very accessible to Crowfoot, Calgary’s largest shopping mall. This community, in fact, awarded no. 2 in Calgary’s Best Neighborhoods in 2012. In Arbour Lake, you get to experience and feel the best of both worlds. The lake will give you an outdoorsy vibe without having to sacrifice much of your urban living essentials.If like arbor ike try Hawkwood 
2. Briar Hill/Hounsfield Heights
If what you are looking for is more of the city feel, then Briar Hill or Hounsfield Heights is the community for you. It is a popular residential neighborhood located in the inner part of the city. Briar Hill or Hounsfield Heights goes way back 1953 and is located only a few minutes’ drive from the heart of downtown. Because of this, said community offers picturesque views of the southern part of the city and an even more beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains found in the west.
3. Crescent Heights
Like Briar Hill or Hounsfield Heights, Crescent Heights is another inner city community. It is one of the most sought after location by community developers because it is dubbed as the most conveniently located community in Calgary. It can be found in the northwestern and northeastern parts of the city and is only a few minutes from downtown. Dating way back 1914, this place holds pride for its history. Crescent Height’s lush and blossoming greenery adds a much needed splash of life to urban living.
4. Banff Trail
Situated in the inner northwestern part of city and is strategically located near major establishments and trail routes. Banff Trail, established in 1952, has experienced many major renovations and addition of homes to replace its earlier residential buildings. This community also holds tons of major activities that the whole family can enjoy. Banff Trail is home to the annual Stampede Breakfast, fun dance event and so much more.
5. Legacy Legacy, a master-planned community built to stand the test of time. Featuring classic architecture, fantastic amenities and a vast selection of home types, Legacy has been designed to fit your family’s unique lifestyle. From schools, playgrounds, and walking paths to the future 800,000 sq ft retail centre, Legacy’s design ensures life’s necessities are always close to home. http://legacylife.ca

When looking for a community to start s home, it s best to for you to choose one that is not only conveniently and efficiently located near essential establishments but is also home to amenities that will fit your lifestyle. Build your home in a place where it can really be called a home. The communities of Calgary may just be your best option.