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Calgary, Alberta based Sandale Utility Products recently announced the addition of HDPE to their broad list of available products. Sandale has been in the industry for over 20 years, but the company maintains that their enthusiasm towards providing top quality products is as it was when they first started in the industry. This industrial drive has now led them to become one of the first suppliers offering Sandale HDPE Pipe in Alberta.


The company states that due to the quick evolution of this market, products that were of the highest quality only a couple of years ago are now completely obsolete, and have been replaced with new alternatives. This is the case of HDPE, a cutting edge solution that has been developed to step up where other products were lacking.


Kimberly Lee, a spokesperson for Sandale Utility Products, asserts, “The underground piping market in North America has seen tremendous growth over the last 30 years in the use of thermoplastic materials. Benefits such as corrosion resistance, improved hydraulics, and reduced installation costs have been paying large dividends for owners of water mains, sanitary, and storm sewer systems. HDPE is a product that has been rapidly rising in popularity since it is able to compete with some other well-established materials, even surpassing some with great improvements.”


Up until a few years ago, PVC was the most commonly used and accepted piping material due to its low price and durability. Its low weight and strength made PVC very popular in piping applications both above and underground. While PVC is still the third most widely used plastic in the production of pipes, other alternatives such as HDPE are now offering more benefits at comparable prices.


HDPE , or High-Density Polyethylene, is another thermoplastic used in the underground pipe market, born out of the necessity for a product that covered the areas where PVC was lacking. While similar in nature and utility, these materials are not identical, and the magnitude of their respective advantages vary greatly. HDPE has higher strength and durability, for instance, allowing it to withstand high temperatures where PVC would not be able to.


This makes HDPE fittings and pipes more convenient to use underground as they are more likely to dampen and absorb shock waves, minimizing surges that can affect the system. HDPE pipes also possess an improved joint pressure resistance when compared to PVC, as well as a higher abrasion and heat resistance, making it the more fitting option for high-pressure pipelines in dire conditions.


These characteristics make HDPE pipes a better option in most cases. Sandale Utility Products goes as far as to assert that it is their recommended option. Lee states, “Based on our extensive experience and knowledge of pipelines, we recommend HDPE over other alternatives in most cases. We have found them to be more reliable and to also fit in a greater variety of situations, presenting outstanding results when compared to other alternatives. However, if you are still not sure, we’ll go over your project and properly evaluate what would be the best alternative for you in an unbiased manner.”


Sandale Utility Products maintains that they are always looking for new alternatives and products to bring to their customers, a policy that led them to adopt and promote HDPE. Lee asserts, “Our commitment is always towards our clients. Having served the community for as long as we have, we have a great sense of pride over the reputation we have earned as leading suppliers—which we look to maintain. Our goal is to provide a service that exceeds our customer’s expectations every time.”


Some of the other products and services offered by Sandale Utility Products include Pipes, Fittings, Different Electrofusion Equipment, Fusion Services and Rentals, Custom Fabrication Of Docks, and Aquatherm. The company has locations in Surrey, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Saskatoon, and so on.


For more information regarding this new product, interested parties may contact Sandale HDPE Canada, or visit the company’s website. Interested parties may also contact Kimberly Lee to learn more.


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