For the week of May 18, 2010

In this week’s eBulletin:

  1. Quote of the Week
  2. Premier McGuinty Responds to 25 in 5
  3. 25 in 5 Provincial Leadership Assembly May 17-18
  4. ODSP Action Coalition – Date Change for Telling Our Stories

Quote of the Week:

“If the economy is improving, someone forgot to let the folks at the breadlines in on the secret.”

Who said it? Joe Gunn, Executive Director of Citizens for Public Justice, writing that the recession still haunts Main St., Canada.

Read Joe Gunn’s article in the Western Catholic Reporter

Premier McGuinty Responds to 25 in 5

25 in 5 wrote to the Premier about the cancellation of the Special Diet Allowance, which will have an impact on several thousand OW and ODSP recipients, and the 1% increase to social assistance rates, which falls short of the inflation rate. You can read 25 in 5′s letter here.

We’ve received the following response from the Premier:

May 6, 2010

Dear Mr. Creek and Mr. deGroot-Maggetti:

Thank you for your valuable feedback regarding poverty in Ontario. I appreciate the importance of this matter and want to acknowledge the hard work of your organization and its members in this regard.

Read the entire letter here.

25 in 5 Provincial Leadership Assembly May 17-18

More than 120 activists from around the province are in Toronto today attending the 25 in 5 Network for Poverty Reduction’s Provincial Leadership Assembly.

Representatives from 17 communities across Ontario – from Sault Ste. Marie to Simcoe, from Burlington to Belleville, and from Windsor to Ottawa – are meeting today to plan next steps in the ongoing struggle to tackle poverty in Ontario.

Last night, representatives enjoyed dinner, great music, and a panel presentation from the People’s Blueprint for Social Assistance, a group of twenty people “dependent” on OW or ODSP who have been chosen to be the voice of their respective communities and to develop a blueprint for Social Assistance reform for the upcoming Social Assistance Review.

This morning, politicians from all three of Ontario’s political parties will talk about the next steps needed to advance poverty reduction.

Throughout the day, we’ll take stock of progress on and challenges to poverty reduction, learn from the successes of local poverty reduction initiatives, and identify short and long term priorities – including for the upcoming municipal and provincial elections.

This event marks the first anniversary of the Poverty Reduction Act, and the next phase in the work of 25 in 5, partners, and supporters across the province.

Date Change: Telling Our Stories now July 7

The ODSP Action Coalition’s event “Telling Our Stories: Disability Should Not Equal Poverty” has been rescheduled from June 24 to July 7.

Mark your calendars with the new date:
Telling Our Stories
July 7, 2010 – 1:00 to 5:00 pm
Metro Hall Rotunda, Toronto

This event will bring together ODSP recipients, agency workers and members of the general public to learn more about what it is really like to live on ODSP.

The speaking agenda includes a panel discussion on human rights and ODSP (all panellists are on ODSP), as well as personal stories from four people with experience living on ODSP.

The event will also include informational displays and an area where you can share your own story. We are also excited to launch the ODSP Action Coalition’s Disability Declaration at this event. 

Visit the ODSP Action Coalition’s website for more information.

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This is a bulletin from 25 in 5 to its contact list of supporters and interested parties across the province. The Bulletin is intended to keep you up to date on the implementation of a poverty reduction plan for Ontario and to let you know how you, your organizations and networks can help make it happen.

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