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Are gas fireplace inserts worth it?

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In the areas with colder climates, there is a need to have a fireplace to keep the home warm enough. That’s where gas fireplaces come in!

In older times, people used to have wood fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are a new addition. With this addition, the question comes up if gas fireplaces are worth to insert it. Yes, gas fireplaces are worth inserting as they free you from the hassle of burning woods. They provide a lot of ease and convenience than that of wood fireplaces. Moreover, they look realistic and give an equally aesthetic look like that of real woods burning. When it comes to maintenance, they need minimal maintenance. Being not very hard to maintain, they are worth inserting.

When it comes to heating, they are capable enough to heat an entire room in minutes. Therefore, they are worth inserting, keeping in view all the different aspects, such as ease of use, easy maintenance, affordable, and efficient enough to heat the required area.

Furthermore, if you are going for a vented gas fireplace, it comes with another advantage. You do not need a pre-built chimney in your house to have a gas fireplace installed. With modern vented technology, you can get a fireplace without a chimney. Thus, gas fireplace inserts are worth it.

What are the different kinds of gas fireplaces?

When you are considering a gas option for heating your house, there are several available choices. Following are the different kinds of gas fireplaces you can choose from as per your needs and requirements:

1.      Gas Logs/Log Sets:

If you already have a wood burning fireplace, but you need a better looking and convenient heating option, you can switch to gas logs, also known as log sets. They are a stack of ceramic logs that you can put inside your fireplace. Using a gas burner, they can be easily turned on.

They come in both vented and vent-free option. If you do not have a chimney, the gas and heat will combust into your house along with other gas fumes. This is known as vent-free gas logs. However, if you have a built-in chimney, these gas logs vent up into the chimney. This is known as vented gas logs.

One thing to remember is that gas logs produce lesser heat as compared to gas inserts and gas fireplaces. They are mostly used to add an aesthetic look to your living area. Also, they can be used if you do not require to heat space much.

Gas logs are relatively cheaper and affordable than gas inserts and fireplaces. If you are running low on budget, gas logs are the only option to keep your area cozy.

2.      Gas Inserts:

Gas inserts are used when you need a replacement for your wood fireplace. Gas inserts operate on gas, unlike wood fireplaces. In the case of gas inserts, the burning material is placed inside a metal box which is surrounded by a bigger metal box.

Gas inserts are a great option for homeowners who want to switch for wood fireplaces into gas fireplaces, making the heating system more efficient and manageable. These are more efficient as compare to wood fireplaces as well as gas logs because they produce warmer air and more radiant heat. They heat the entire area quicker than gas logs.

These also come in vented and vent-free option. Most likely, there needs to be a chimney before installing a gas insert.

When it comes to price, they are expensive than gas logs but cheaper than gas fireplaces. However, gas inserts are a good one-time investment as they use lesser gas than that of gas logs.

3.      Gas Fireplace/Built-ins:

Gas fireplaces are very much similar to gas inserts. The only difference is that gas fireplaces operate without an already existing chimney or fireplace. They can be installed where there was no fireplace before without the need of having a chimney. That means if you do not have a fireplace and a chimney already, these built-in gas fireplaces are the only option you have to set up a gas heating system.

Gas fireplaces usually use modern venting system where the fumes such as carbon monoxide and other chemicals are exhausted out through an exterior opening straight out of the wall without needing to have a chimney.

Comparatively, gas fireplaces are the most expensive as compared to gas logs and gas inserts. However, the best thing about built-in gas fireplaces is that they can be fit anywhere in your house and do not restrict you to the already built fireplace area. Also, they produce more heat than that of any other heating option you use.

If you need aesthetics along with heat, they are equally appealing and attractive to look at. Also, they use even lesser gas than that of gas inserts. So if you invest one time, it is going to stay economical for the rest of your life.

Which one is the right gas fireplace for you?

Choosing the right kind of gas fireplace for your house can be a tricky task. The main point of difference you can use to choose one is whether your house already has a chimney and fireplace or not. If it already has a chimney and fireplace built in, gas logs and gas inserts are the two options you can consider. Out of these two, look what you require more: heat or aesthetics? If you want more heat, choose gas inserts. But if aesthetics are your priority, choose gas logs. Budget is another thing you will need to consider here.

On the other hand, if your house does not have an already built chimney and fireplace, go for gas fireplace. It is an expensive yet most affordable option as getting a chimney and fireplace


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